First of all, the Midi and GP5 file have drums, the Power Tab version doesn't (The GP5 version is better too.) For Power Tabbers, the intro is actually finger-tapping, but it just imported like that. I took an experimental approach with it, you can kinda tell because of the scale changing, and the time signature changes.


Wow, I totally forgot about this song... I edited a lot, and it's pretty much finished. Definitely my best song.
Number 4.zip
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Interesting ... I liked the beginning from measure 1 to 8. Measures 9 - 24 sound a little too dissonant for me, but that may be because the computer tends to make dissonance sound worse than it is. The rest was okay, nothing really special about it. The chord harmonies were nice, though.

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Sounds nice, keep building on it, it's far too short as it is. Nice harmonies and I like the experimental feel, try adding the bass (make sure it's an active bass, not just roots!).

Good job so far, dude.
Nice work! Intro part was very good, as was the part that comes in at bar 27 and recurs through the song. Only things I could see changing are that bar 36 didnt really fit in before the pause, and the part where you change to 6/8 from bar 105-112, the lead seemed a bit slow for the rest of the instruments (although with vocals added here, it might not seem that way). Overall, great song.
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Thats fricken awsome dude, you deserve a cookie.
My only comment, i would add a harmonized part at m126, just to give it a little difference from the two times that phrase has already gone through right before. I tried it myself and came up with several different bits that sounded good and kept your style going.
hey, cool, i love that triplet thing you do before the first interlude, cool as

however, i didn't really like the stripped down part with the clean guitar

overall 8/10
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the intro is very smooth, i like it alot. after bar 27 is really well done. the outro sounds like something epic just finished. very nice
Absolutely amazing. Sounds very dream theater-like. Definatly the best song I've heard on this forum. Everything flows and sounds melodic.

Edit: haha its even got the weird time signiture changes. Reminds me so much of dream theater.
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i love it, i think you did a really good job with this song.
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Wow, I loved that... That was excellantly done, reminded me of Dream Theater a lot as well.... All I saw to change was at around measure 135, when you do the rapid slow down of tempo, you could just put a ritardando there, and it does that a lot smoother and more efficiently, and clutter free. =)

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It's very good i liked the clean part it remind me Ruto Of the zora (Zelda)
I liked it, I'll say 8/10. Could you crit mine (No one crit it). Very Good
That was really good man. Like, REALLY good. Keep it up. Crit mine if you get a chance. It's called Dreams of Eternal Rest.
I like the acoustic part and the solo a lot. I also like measures 27-30. After that, it kind of sounds cluttered...maybe experiment a little with different volumes?

It gets really spooky. I kind of like that.

Good job on this one

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wow.... revived after 2 months
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I'm homeschooled because I got tired of the corporate conformist administration.

So I have a pretty crime free school, unless i decide to kill someone.

The Search [GP5] C4C

That was just incredible... I really liked the bass around the start, and the acoustic was just brilliant. Crit mine if you want to or get a chance, it's in my sig.

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very nice man! The only thing i can say is that you should make it a bit faster, it's a little slow for my taste, but overall : chapeau!

It was a pretty cool song. The intro was awesome for me. I wish I could create cool tapping riffs. I thought from bar 31 to 32 the transistion didn't flow very well.

The clean solo at bar 44 seemed at bit slow, well, I guess it was more of an interlude

Bar 52 I really liked it

66 was an awesome transistion and it is very cool

the 3 string sweeps I thought were very cool but seemed to be a bit off, like the first part seemed a bit to up beat but it transistioned very well to a bit more gloomy. But, I'm not sure what you really wanted it to be like

It was a very cool song overall 9.0/10.0

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