Recently I've been trying to play some QOTSA songs using the tuning Josh Homme uses (low2high-C F A# D# G C) but it seems pretty much impossible to accurately tune it that low... I'm using a basic Ibanez Gio with (I think) standard gauge strings. Is it the strings that need to be changed or what? Any help would be much appreciated.
It'd be best to get a 54 or 56 gauge set of strings if you want it to stay in tune with that kinda tuning. I almost ONLY play lower tuning's. **thumbs up**
I play in D standard with Elixer lights. They're 10-46 I think, but the coating on them makes them a bit stiffer than regular lights.
Yea get .11 gauge. i dont like 12 gauge or higher unless its on acoustic but u can try it. and if u keep it in one tuning or close to one tuning than it will stay in tune better and longer
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Ok thanks for the help. I'll pick up some .11 gagues later in the week then and see how that goes. Cheers!
Any heavier than 11 may need a truss rod tune up anyway. Best to stay with .11s.
Well, if the strings put enough tension on the neck, the neck may give a little bit to the increased tension, thus the neck may need to be adjusted a bit, via the truss rod. If you are newer to guitar, I wouldn't recommend doing this yourself.
Ah, right-o. I wouldnt want to do it my self, and I wouldn't even know if it needed doing.