Hi i have read many recording threads but i still don't get it! How do you record on your comp? I have audacity right now but how to connect my guitar to comp? Do i need to get a specific cable or what (microphone cable?) if i do what do i have to look out for and can someone give me a pic of what it looks like!? Thanks in advance!
You get a 1/4" - 1/8" jack adapter from wherever. Then you plug your guitar cable into hte adapter, amd plug hte other end into the auxilary in on your soundcard (usually blue input jack on your soundcard)
u cant just plug your guitar into a cpu

most people just mic there amps
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where can i get the jack adaptor and can someone show me a pic of what it looks like?
peopel have before and aparently it works as well. It's microphones that need to be preamped before you can send them to the cpu. But I jsut run my guitar off of an audio interface.
the 2 simplest ways to do it is to either Mic up your amp, or input the guitar straight into your sound card
(You can use a mixer etc. but it costs heaps to buy and since your just starting out, a mixer would be confusing for you right now)

To mic up an amp, you'll need:
1. a Microphone
2. The correct leads to plug the mic into your computer
3. Amp and guitar (obviously)

Theres alot of threads and stuff on UG about microphones and setting them up and recording, but i'll just give you the basics.
Basically, you use the microphone to record your guitar/amp.
Most microphones use either TRS jacks (guitars use these as well) or XLR jacks.
Because the computer (usuallly) only takes in a computer/midi cable, you'll need to buy a convertor, so that the lead fits into the sound card

To plug your guitar into your computer, you'll need:
1. Guitar with a lead (obviously)
2. A jack convertor

To avoid using a microphone to record your guitar, you can plug it straight into the computer. Your guitar plugs into your guitar lead, then plug the guitar lead into your jack convertor, which will then fit into your computers sound card.


TRS/Guitar lead input --> Computer/midi output

Standard soundcard (plug your mic/guitar into the red one)

TRS/Guitar lead

XLR/Microphone lead

Leads and convertors you can buy from places like Dick Smith etc.
Microphones can be bought from guitar/music shops (I think....)
If all else fails, just find one on the net

Hope that helps