what different types of nylon strings are there? I got 3 clear and 3 bronze and its really uncomfortable compared to silver. It was the only pack I had at the time. What kind do you guys buy? I need silver ones but dont know anything about the different brands, tensions and gauges. I just want normal classical guitar strings that pros use. Is 28-32-40-29-34-43 the normal gauges?
There's no "normal classical guitar strings that pros use" it's a preference thing.
1. Buy a pack.
2. If they're sh|t don't buy em again.
3. Start over.
Correct. String sets that sound great on some guitars may sound horrible on another guitar.

Strings that I personally think that you should try are:
1. Savarez. They sound good practically ALWAYS!!
2. Luthier
3. Augustine
4. D'Addario
5. La Bella
6. Aranjuez

Gauges for classical guitar strings are basically tensions. Try normal first, if you think you can handle higher tensions then go ahead. Higher tensions are KNOWN to be louder and have a stronger tone. At the same time, some players prefer the higher tones so that the strings 'pluck' off their fingernails/tips, rather than flapping.

You have to try them out for yourself. These are just some brands you might want to look out for.

One thing I standby is the 3rd (G) string of the D'Addario Composites. I may change the rest of my strings but I practically NEVER change the composite 3rd string.