Im looking for a wah pedal at around the $300 (Australian) dollar mark, so roughly $150 american i think.

I want a wah that can handle cleans and distortion (if anything slightly favoured to distortion, but i dont want a crappy clean tone either)

Also, i want to be able to change the sound, like broadening the sweep etc

I like the wah sounds from John Frusciate and Kirk Hammett so im looking for a good funky sound as well as rock and metal.

Also can you get a wah with adjustable frequencies or something so it can be used for guitar and bass?

Im thinking of going for a crybaby, maybe the 535Q, or is there a better wah out there for me?
Crybaby From Hell will do pretty much everything you'll ever need IMO
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The Weeping Demon, I'd say.
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a lot of people seem to be mixed on it, but I've been very happy with my CFH wah. I got it used cheap on eBay really to just turn over, but I've had a hard time getting rid of it. It works great for high gain applications, and it has a surprising range if you want to play with funk or blues type stuff. The freq and Q control is nice to have if the wah isn't standing out enough for what you're playing, and having the sweep control is a nice feature. I like a slightly smaller throw with the high gain stuff, more of a vocal longer sweep with clean and funk stuff. I really only wanted to try it for high gain stuff, but I've been impressed enough with it's versatility that I haven't looked for a funk wah.
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