In the intro of the song, A New Level by Pantera, I heard some kind of fast picking sound right before the riff starts. How do I make that kind of sound? Thanks.
do a search on YouTube for Dime clinic in Arlington Texas, June '93. Part 1 starts off with him playing that song and you can get a real good look at his hands. He's muting the strings with his left hand and he has his right hand like he's ready to do a pick slide, you know? I mean the pick is being held perpendicular to the strings, not parallel like normal. Anyway he has his pick like that, holding it so the side of the pick is touching one of the lower strings, and he's moving it back and forth really fast , with a wrist motion almost you'd use for tremelo picking. So after doing that for a few seconds then he starts moving his wrist down the string, from the bridge towards the neck pickup. That gives you the sound of harmonics going down, if you know what i mean. Then he winds up with a big 'ol pick slide.

If you can understand anything of what I'm saying you should get a medal cuz I'm probably not explaining it very well. Just ck out the video, one picture is worth a thousand piss-poor words