I'm picturing this as a piano-based song, something slow but powerful. Will work on the melody when inspiration comes.


<Verse 1>
A flick of the switch in the back of my mind,
And I found something I never tried to find,
Cold hands stay warm with you as the glove......
But how do I know if it's LoVe??

It's hard / to find,
The right / state of mind
When I'm with her......
I'm totally crazy....
Born with / her kiss,
I chose to take the risk
And I told her........
She just laughed and called me crazy....

<Verse 2.>
Were we given clues along the way?
Like how our bond grew in less than a day,
The holding of hands through the night that we spent
Or the lump in my throat the moment you went,
Play everything back as I travel away,
And hating the fact that I can't, stay....
Stuck, and I just can't get enough........ but....
Who's to say that this is, LoVe??


<Verse 3.>
A flick of the switch in the back of my mind,
And I found something I never tried to find,
At ease with this stranger I playfully shove....
But how do I tell if it's LoVe??


10 hours away, lives my Holiday Girl,
And at the moment, she's my world....
Being without her is gonna be tough,
But who am I, to sigh, and call it LoVe....
This is cool It kind sounds like a linkin park rap metal thingy. You can crit mine if you want it's called ''It's obvious''
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Really good. I liked everything until the last stanza. Maybe try and find something less typical. Plus, the title is super cliche. But the rest of the song I wouldn't touch, it's great. If you wanna bash mine, it's in the forum.
Thanks descendent and n-ocentcriminal, I shall get to work trying to brighten up that last stanza, as I feel it does need something at the end to sorta break the verse-chorus-verse-chorus pattern.
The only things i dislike are the last stanza and the LoVe thing....unless those are initials or something? Lonnie Verlander? idk.
<Han> I love Hitler
The LoVe thing is just something I did at the time I wrote it in my song book, I often feel the impulse to write certain words a certain way and usually carry it across to computer version.

P.S. HaKattack = H.K.? :P
This song rocks! The rhyming is a bit forced, but that's cool. I like how verse 1 and 3 are kinda like a before and after thing, very smart. Also the pattern of the whole thing is a bit predictable and overused these days; change it up a little.
The whole LoVe thing is awesome, I'd leave it if I were you.

Feell free to check out mine. It's called Masquerade, thanks!
Cause I love feelin' dirty
And I love feelin' cheap
And I love it when you hurt me
So drive those staples deep
Thanks! perhaps I could throw in a small little bridge somewhere in there to break it up? what do you think?