Which song would be a good starting point for metal. ive been playing about 8 months but i have just started listening to metal. which song(s) will be good to start with?(with solo's that i could be able to play)
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Metal solo's arn't exactly beginner material... But i strongly suggest metallica simply because most of their songs arn't too difficult to play but give you a nice feel for what metal music is all about. Give "Sad But True" and "The Memory Remains" a go... not the best tunes but they arn't all that hard to play.
what kind of metal are you into? no point in someone recommending something not knowing what you like
Seek and Destroy.

Simple, can be played fast or slow and sound good, bit of chording, palmuting and solo.
Where dead angles lie. Dissection. Decently easy, and a bit addictive in parts... a good overview for a lot of metal techniques.
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you should jump in with both feet, and learn some necrophagist. everything will be a piece of cake after that.

death- crystal mountain
emperor- ye entrancemperium, cosmic keys
^you might want to try a more long term, slow approach.
I was here for a while.

Then I was gone.

Now I'm back cause Obama.