Hey everyone. Ok so heres the deal. My dad got a job in a different state and my parents are willing to bribe me with a new guitar if i go. I was planning on getting a standard mexi strat anyway, but now, intstead, im gonna give them the money i have saved, and they will pay for the remainder of the guitar i would like. Im very interested in the 60s strat (mexico) because John frusciante plays a 62 strat, but i would just like to know your opinions on the 50s, 60s, and 70s strats

edit: also, if you think any other strats are better that are in the same pricerange, please tell me about it.

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Look around to see if you can find any Japanese Fender Strats.

The 50's and 60's Strats are really nice, try them out. I've not tried a 70's one, but I'm not a fan of how they look.
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Go MIJ. Where in Australia are you? If in melbourne, or going to melbourne


Bunch of MIJ's there that all play well. Just went today

In fact, you could pick up a MIJ 62 RI cheaper than buying a 50/60/70's classic.
Whats the difference between a 50s,60s,and a 70s?
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These look great, I own an american standard strat and have always thought the deluxe series (made in mexico) were a much better deal, they play awesome, sound great, and look oh so sexy . If you don't like the honey blonde, click the view more pics button and check out the sapphire blue and crimson red, the grain shows really nicely on those.

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I had a 70's Strat. I got it used. Very good guitars though.
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check out the jimmy vaughan strat....i just got one and love it, it has tex-mex pu's and one of the tone controls is wired to the bridge pick-up which makes it a lot more useful, at least for me...i also love the neck on it.