hello im gonna be paintin my guitar gold.
its all completely stripped to bare wood. so i need to prime it paint it yeah?

now on to the satin clearcoat.satin wears thin eventually like a nitro finish and it also has a matt effect.i am correct?

finally iv sanded my maple neck down to bare wood too.again do i need to prime it before paint?then ill cover the neck in satin clear too.

how does satin finish feel on a neck??


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if you sanded your guitar and neck to the bare wood you would most likely need to prime it.

from my experience satin finish seems to wear flat and does has that matte effect. Where it doesn't shine and has that dull/matte look.

Satin finish on a neck is smooth. Some people with sweaty hands prefer it because it doesn't tend to get sticky like other glossy finishes on necks.
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