Ok, here's a link to my site where I have 3 of the 15 or songs I've written. The recording quality is not terrible, though they are home recordings. I did the drums with fruity loops, and then wrote and recorded all the guitar and bass; the lyrics were done by my friend paul. I suggest just downloading them (just click the little button that says mp3) because they take forever to buffer for streaming. You will most likely have to mess with volume and bass to get these to sound good. I suggest you listen to them loud

Angel is a good rockin song with some tight solos, one being in a funk breakdown, and it probably has the best vocals overall, though they are kinda weak at the end.

The buried city is an 8 minute epic with some good soloing and a cool attempt a vocal harmony right before a fun breakdown. Vocals could be better for the long slow chorus part, but Paul did his best.

The pit and the pendulum is a more death metal oriented song with a huge improved solo at the end. Recording quality is probably not the best, but it's still great for headbanging. This is based off of the Edgar Allen Poe short story of course so Paul had to be a bit rougher wth these vocals. There is a really cool part before the breakout into the solo with a wicked clean guitar harmony and a speaking part (quoted from the short story itself) done by yours truly with some echoing effects.

Crits are very much appreciated, leave me a link to your music and I'll crit you back by pm or post in your thread it you have one.


I checked out the pit and pendulum. Not too shabby. Recording level was a bit low. I really like the ending where it picks up and solos. I'd like to hear some more riffage in it... old school thrash riffage. I would help add depth and dimension to the music, just that's just me. Vox don't sound bad either, maybe try some brutal growls or just rough up your voice more. Nice work...

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Pit and Pendulum sounds like for whom the bell tolls for like the first 1:20.
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