Yer so i quite like these 2 bands although ive only heard the latest albums by the 2 of them...
What genre are they? And what other good bands are there that sound similar?
Also which previous albums by the 2, if there are any, would be good to listen to?
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Decapitated sound alot like cannibal corpse, if you ask me.

Decapitated are Death Metal btw, There best album (arguebly) is The Negation.

Onto Napalm death.. They are Grindcore/Death Metal.

Cant recomend any similar bands though, don't listen to em enough.

Although, i was told the album Scum is there best work.
You could ask in the rec thread, if you want.
and IMO the best decapitated album is Winds of creation.
Decapitated = Tech. Death
Good albums = All except their new one.

Napalm Death = Grindcore
Good albums = none cause grindcore is gay...

j/k. I just don't listen to ND so I couldn't tell you although most seem to like "The Code is Red..."
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