Anybody else into him? He has a hell of a voice and is a damn good steel guitar player. I have a hard time trying to classify his music but blues is the closest of my options on this board considering his huge Johnny Winter influence.
Chris is definitely a delta blues player with a pop sensibility. His music is rooted in the Mississippi sound of Skip James and Elmore James, Robert Johnson, he even covers hellhound on my trail. He's a delta boy all the way. My brother got to meet chris twice before he died, said he was way more New York than texas. Apparently he was big into club music in the late 80's and even while he worked on Living with the law. He even did some cuts with cheezy rap on them if you can believe that. Either way. The man was a damn genious. Nothing he wrote was in standard tuning which let him play all strung out, just playing one finger bar chords. His sound is so earthy and soul wrenching. He's really the reason I picked up a guitar. My brother played me Made From Dirt... I thought it was three guitarists and a great singer.. turned out to be chris with a dobro and a foot stomp. I went from pissed off metal head to humble blues student in a matter of months. I owe alot to this man. Too bad I'll never be able to thank him...
Chris Whitley was indeed amazing.

If you haven't already, check out the album 'Dislocation Blues' he made with Aussie singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Lang, it's amazing how their different syles fit perfectly together. Not to mention they both write amazing songs and have crazy good voices.

Too bad he killed himself by smoking and getting cancer. Waste of more good talent while Fallout Boy is hogging up the radio..

Here is a video of Jeff Lang playing one of the songs off Dislocation Blues.. (Without Chris because he was dead before the album came out)

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