you cant get that good of a bass for $250 but i would have to say the best bass you could buy for that money would either be an ibenez sound gear, or maybe a squier p or j bass.
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Unlike electric guitars squier basses aren't a bad bet at all. They're not the best but they're certainly not bad...i presume you mean $250 USD. which is about £120 so you'll probably have to go second hand to get somethimg sounding
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i got a second hand aria pro II for 60 quid (english money) off some guy who didnt play anymore. have a wee look about
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Get an SX starter pack at www.rodomusic.net. It's $140, and probably the best starter pack you can get for that kind of money. I wish I knew about them when I first started playing.

I know SX basses are cheaper, but how do they compare in quality to their more expensive counterparts (Squier, Ibanez, lower-end Washburn, etc.)?
ibanez GSR 200 or something simular or squire jazz or P bass, i personall would go for the ibanez
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As a wiseman said on one of these threads, "Preference is like opinions, everybody's got one.....". My money went on an EB0 with the short scale neck. Musician's Friend has them for about $190 US. I like the evenly spaced frets, low action, thin, uniform thickness neck. I prefer a tone like an electric piano (think Chris Squire), but you could easily make it a thick, boomy presence if that's what you want. I had a Rick 4001, Fender P and J bass, and Hofner. If I could upgrade, with no worries of cost, I'd get the Gibson version. If you can, browse in a music store before you shell out the cash.
Buy something really cheap, and get a really cheap amp. Unless you wanna play bass in a band, stick with the real cheap stuff.