Hey i was wandering if someone could help me, i have a jackson slsmg guitar which comes with stock EMG-HZ's but i wanna repace them with the EMG ZW set(81 and 85). Could someone give me some advice on how easy this would be to do, i read somewhere that that the barrel jack would need modification

It's a bitch to upgrade them from the HZ's because the HZ's use a 5 prong connector and the 81's/85's use 3 prong connectors. You'd need to rewire all of the hardware. It'll be easy if you know what you're doing [Wiring, soldering, grounding wires, etc.] Otherwise, it'll cost a bit to have someone do it for you professionally. I got a luthier to do it for me for 75 bucks. Complete re-wiring. The reason for this is... you have to put the tone pots and volume pots in that come with the ZW set as well as the battery clip [ They run on batteries ] and the input jack. It's really a bitch if you don't know what you're doing.
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they come with a wiring diagram, and next to that try not to wire them as they look on the diagram and do it mirrored(as I did)
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