So what is the best sounding amp on the market right now? and give a link, thanks.
anything but a line 6 or Marshall MG/DFX.
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Yeah i know what you mean with the line 6, I'm trying to get rid of mine for either a jcm2000 or a 6150+.
No offense, but this is a very dump question.....

Once you get into the higher end amps, all of them are technically great! It just depends on what you're looking for. Some will have more features than others, and each will achieve a different tone, but it all depends what you're looking for.
You'd have to narrow it down to what music you're looking to play, and even then it's all subjective. There really isn't a "best sounding amp" for anything, it's really how you react to the amp and how the amp reacts to your playing and the rest of your gear. I'd rate the Dr. Z Mazeratti at the same level as a Wizard, but they're on totally opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of gain and tone.

There are other factors that come into play (speaker cabs, cables). Even the minute differences between individuals...some people have more sensitive ears than others, some have lost high-end perception, etc. The only thing I can tell you is to get out and play amps until you find one that chimes with you.