hey i recently bought a valve Vox amp. How often should i be changing the valves. I mean i practice 2 times a week and play once a week. and then some on my own. I dont play insanely loud so im assumign that doesnt burn out the amps. So one other thing was, Is it true that for Vox Valve amps it screws your amp over to not hav it plugged into a speaker and i also read somewhere that if you dont start up a valve amp on standby first it screws up your amp/. Cant seeem to find a Standby switch on mya mp though so i dono. Thanks
As far as changing your tubes, you only need to when the sound starts getting muddy (and even then, you don't need to if you think it sounds ok). So basically, just swap them whenever you no longer like the quality of sound after a few months/years. The time frame depends on how often you play and the quality of the tubes.

It will seriously fook your amp if you turn it on without a speaker plugged in. This goes for every other amp mfg, not just vox.

The standby switch is just to prevent any signal from reaching the amp while the tubes are heating up, the same effect can be reached if you don't play anything and just let the tubes heat up for 30 seconds after turning on your amp.
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Preamp tubes last for years so you don't need to replace them very often if ever. Power valves can last up to 2 years or maybe more but its usually less. They can and do go at any time. If your amp starts sounding worse than it used to eg dull then chances are the power valves need replacing.

Never run a valve amp without a speaker attached. It will screw it up.

Its best to let your amp warm up on stand by first for 1 min or so, but if you acccidently turn it straight on don't worry just leave it to warm up a bit.
Which amp is it?

I'm not sure why you haven't got a standby switch - is it a valvetronix amp? in which case you wont need to worry about valves!
Yeh, it sounds like your amp is a Valvetronix.

The valve Vox's are AC30s, the Valvetronix's are AD15/30/50.
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I always have a spare set of brand new tubes and once every month swap them in and have a listen. If there is an audible difference between the old and new tubes, I'll leave the new tubes in there, throw away the old tubes, and buy another new set.
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yeah i think youre talking about the valvetronix...

i doubt its an AC30

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He said there's no standby switch on it, which means it's a valvetronix.

It's not really a tube amp, and the one tube it does use runs at such low voltages that you might not ever need to replace it. Don't worry about replacing it unless something goes wrong.