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Hi, just thought Id put up the website for the band im in..obviously called Marigold Taxi. This was the second practise we had since Id been in the a month or mates have played togehter for ages though.

Not amazing recordings but OK considering it was done with 1 mic sitting on top of my mates tele

P.S The bassist and drummer have turned 16, the singers is 15 like 5 days and Im still 15
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Well thanks man just went on yours..its so funky I love it whos the bongo drummer?
lol the whole band is great..the trumpets and bongos and everything works great
Oh yeah forgot to say I welcome crits..helps us in the long run
man, i am rockin out to high times as we speak, hmm. the ONLY comment i have is one about your voice. now i know how demoralizing these things can be. people are all self concious about their voices, understandable. i like your voice, probably partially because it is lacking the whininess that is all too common nowadays high times is probably kind of low in your range in seems, so the thing that will make your voice sound a little stronger is to sing from the belly more. try to sing as more of a growl(but not actually growling haha) but seriously man, kickass tunes, and the voice is still good just addin a tip. cheers
Im not the singer sumblime my mate is hes reading this as well so its cool and thanks mate

And yup borrowed the laptop of Joni
cool stuff. youve got a tight drummer, he really carries it along in the great escape. and high times.. i definitely hear you on that bro lol. i really like your drummers style, with the little triplet rolls he does on the snare. reminds me of goregrind for some reason haha, good stuff. i like your band name too, its pretty unique. im likin the RHCP cover also. im addin you guys on myspace
Listened to the first song. Pretty damn nice. I like the vocalist's voice - it's unique.

The drumming is nice and punchy, I like that too.

The bass and guitar seem all right, but I don't really notice the guitar doing much.

Cool thing you have going on, though.
Cheers for that mate would listen to your songs if you had any up..give us a link if you do Add us on myspace if you want
Sounds like everything is very tight, are the songs all recorded live, or is there overdubs later on?
Maybe you guys should think about really putting some money down for a nice set of mics to capture the sound of everything a lot better...seems like the "sound" is all there, just the mics letting it down as far as I can tell.
The singing is solid enough, at the minute its kind of 'Indie' low volume style(maybe a little down to the quality I guess), but I'm sure with time and practice could really become a good voice for the louder parts(choruses etc..)
All recording there are completely live ..done with 1 mic sitting on him tele that was going into a laptop overdubbing, considering we dont know how to Thanks very much phal and jmac
You guys really ROCK! It's good to hear some good old Rock'N'Roll. Great drums, great guitar riffs and solos. The Vocals are a little hard to hear though. The drums seem to overpower the rest of you guys. With better recording quality, you guys would rule.
Keep it up!
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Thanks man..yeah better recording would be better but that was like the 2nd practise since id been with them so still got lotsa time
i listened to your dani california cover, having done it myself, and i have to say playing wise its very good! Singer sounds very good, lots of potential there. Bassist and guitarist also very talented, nice playing, glad to see you puuled off the whole solo (unlike me ) With a decent recording it will sound very good indeed!
dude u guyz are pretty tight just gotta work on the tone for the guitar and turn it up a bit cuz in dani and the great escape all i can really hear is the drums and voice other than that good vocals and drummer is pretty good
Thats good! For a live recording you seem to have the balance of instruments quite good, apart from maybe the drums being a lil bit too loud. But thats always the problem with live recordings. I listened, and I liked it, it was different! Disco beats, and really strange beats during the chorus. Guitar riffs are good. Bass unfoltablable!
Well thanks pretty shocked that everyone has liked the songs..I mean I love them obviously but didnt think EVERYONE would like them..ah well thanks again!!
Oh, and if you guys have any songs you want me to listen to just put up the link and ill happily crit them
These recordings are pretty good, obviously bad quality recordings, but it sounds good ignoring that. Loving the basslines. The vocals are a little quiet in the mix, but that just may be the way you recorded it. The guitar is a bit distant in the Chili Peppers cover too, the drums and bass dominate that song, and the guitar's overdrive is too high, making it sound out of place really.
Yeah it was me playing the verses for the pretty far away from the recording mate is the lead guitarist so his amp was closest to the mic to play the riffs ( cause I cant lol.. ) and ive got a MG amp so I cant put it in clean..sounds disgusting

wow I really like the dani california cover, I like how you use the distortion on the verses. Also I like great escape.
hey man thanks for the i was listening to your stuff and i thought it sounded pretty nice....the vox are good, with a bit better recording they could really shine..the guitar is great too but it's so overshadowed by everything else!....that aside the playing is very together and clean, just find a bit better way to mix it in and you'll be set for some great gigs!

thanks again
is the great escape a cover? because im sure ive heard it before...if not then its a fantastic original. Really good work. As people have said with better recording you guys would be great. Check out my band
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never heard of a hickey, im guessing its an american thing?

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Yeah one two, it is a cover. Its a We Are Scientists song. Uhhhh..i realise not everyone would like actually into metalcore stuff lol and so is the singer.

One Two..I went on your myspace..good music mate but 1 thing you gotta fix is get that guitar louder mate..its pretty hard to hear..but apart from that well done.

And forgot to say it in first post..,( ive put it in now ) that we are actually 15..

So thanks again..I notice most people said get a better recording but we need to practise alot more together before that happens lol.
i dont like the part in high times where it goes real slow then back into fast. the solo, however, was pretty good. my main problem is how quiet all the instruments are. but that cant be helped really without a better set up. also i cant really make out what the singer is saying.

altogether you guys play really well together. keep it up. =)
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Not half bad, the recording was obviously had.

The biggest problem I had was the tone, the singer was a little pitchy, and his tone was just ugh, might be because of the mic though.

The guitar tones were also lacking, once again, may have been the mic.

Or, the fact that you use an MG.
maddd0g..yeah the mic was this little thing that just plugged into the computer..not to great at all

Anyways yeah..when you can hear the guitar really well thats my the singer playing..his amp was nearest the mic..I was far away from the mic so when theres singing its me thats playing and yeah I do have an MG and I couldnt play in clean, as you know it sucks ass, so had to use distortion which is maybe why the tone is off?

Anyway thanks for the crit..i hope to get a new amp but im still a beginner I guess so itll do me for another year lol
nice man not bad...really basic but good...not much i can say that these guys said.. guitar tone is not that great, but that can be and al good job

now can you give my voice a crit plz???


EDIT: oops hahahai posted the wrong url...rofl!!! sorry about that can you plz crit??
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dude..thats you!?.. i watched you on the front page of youtube..I was thinking whats this gonna be all about but I LOVE it! make more! I love guitar soloooooo shreddin shreddin and fuzzzzz fuzzz from guitar ampp !
pretty good. i dig the music but your singers voice is kind of nasal. my voice sounds the way it does in my song because i flanged it to make it sound weird.
Sounds good. You guys play pretty tight thats good. The guitarst is a little out in the 2nd song. The Drummers good. The bassit seems a little out the 2nd song also (its turned up to loud tho, that could be a problem) the singer sounds young but good. the soloist guitar is good too. good woork.
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