I just bought Some GHS Boomers the zack whyld set, 10-60 or whatever.... I play in Drop C or Drop B... There going on a Prs custom 22 artist and i dont really wanna **** anything up. NEver tried these strings but i get a lil buzz with a 56 so i stepped it up a lil. i know im gunna have to cut the nut, but im kind of concerned on whether or not the string will even fit through the tuner, cause i had a little trouble with a 56 going through the 6th string tuner... well anyways, any tips or suggestions? or should i just not be worried about it
If it buzzes, DON'T cut the nut!

It buzzes cos it's close to the frets, and it rattles against them as it vibrates. Cutting the nut will make it even lower and will only increase the buzz.

I suppose the guage is alright for drop tuning, although with your problems, I might consider a baritone guitar aswell. They're designed for low end.