Hey guys

I just finished recording the first demo with my band.

What do you think about it? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the mixing/mastering/overall production etc?

We used a Shure SM57 for the guitars, a SM58 for the vox and an Edirol FA-101 firewire audio-interface for recording.

The bass was recorded straight into the Edirol, it came out pretty solid I guess.

Thanks for commenting!



This song does a fair amount of rocking, I like that. You could have a better Mic for recording vocals, How did you record drums, or is this a machine? I like this style quite a bit. The Solo was nice.
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Thanks! The drums are artificial, made with Drumkit from Hell II and Cubase's software sampler. There's a lot of room for improvement on the drums though, we're still experimenting.

I'm checking your song atm, will give a review asap.
Hmm I like this, its good. I like the chrous, but theres something about it that doesn't make me love it, don't know what it is, maybe its just not my style. I liked the solo and I dont think theres anything wrong with the quality of the vocals.

Overall its good quality, just not my style =\.

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