i want to know if i can get more of those little white rings that accompany the edge pro trem bar, i got some with the new bar i ordered but was wondering if they can be bought separately instead of only with the trem bar. anyone know of a website or eBay auctions i havnt seen any. the ibanez spares site dsnt show any,
I had a look on Ibanezrules for you but they dont have them listed either, as far as im aware the rings are made from teflon. If you find out where to get them let me know, im now on the spare pair i got with my guitar and they are wearing out fast.
i thought they were nylon to be honest thanks anyway,
it sucks though i dnt want to buy a new bar just to get the little rings
Those little nylon bushes can usually be bought in bags of 20 IIRC.
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