So, i downloaded this program and i really like it.

now, i don't have a credit card so i can't buy the code thing, so i was wondering if one of you lovely people happened to have code i could use?

it'd be much appreciated.


it's version 2.471
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They dont own the companies that make the software, my personal opnion is that they charge to much anways. I can see where they wouldnt want this as an illegal file sharing source tho...
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^ what can 'they' do? 'they' can hand out warnings and bans for people who are trying to use UG in a way that promotes illegal activity. if people start using UG to hand out codes to unlock programs, UG could be shut down as it would be seen as a source of illegal file sharing activited. so basicly, you cannot use the UG forums to ask for programs or unlock codes. i suggest the threadstarter deletes this thread.