Hey, I need some help with picking some strings. Sorry, I don't know much about strings.

I play in mostly Drop-D and I use Drop-C and such pretty frequently.

I play stuff like Bullet For My Valentine, System of a Down, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica and such.

I'm looking for a string that can give me a more beefy tone.

I purchased Ernie Ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottoms a few weeks ago, and they don't really do any justice. They sound as if I am using almost no gain.

So, I've been thinking about purchasing some EB Slinkies, or "Not Even Slinkies" or whatever.

Other suggestions and feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.
ive always used d'addario and i was always satisfied... i dont do down-tunings alot but my guitar/bridge sucks so if i do i always get waaay outta tune hope i could help you
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not even slinkys are decent.... but ive always found the skinny top heavy bottom really good myself.....
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With the Skinny Top/Heavy Bottoms, it's as if they can't handle gain, or treble.

They aren't too loose in drop C and B. They're actually perfect. But they don't really have a beefy tone to them or anything.

Any other suggestions, or feedback with Slinkies or anything?
I always play in drop tone like drop d and c en 1step down
I use Power slinky (11-48) and it sounds great
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not even slinkys are decent.... but ive always found the skinny top heavy bottom really good myself.....

+1, i use them and like them, but im still expierementing with strings, but they own any d'ardillo strings

Well if you like beefy then get some 12-60 range strings..but they will be to tight when playing drop D, i once used a 12-18-26-36-48-58 and i found it wayyyy to tight playing in drop D, they were great for drop C but to tight to play in drop D, especally the B,G,D strings, and i instantly took them off.

my next string purchase is probibally going to be some elixirs. most people will say there the best, so i guess im going to have to try some out, i never felt like spending the money on them tho

personally your in the same boat as i am im guessing, one guitar, and playing alot of covers. the skinnytop heavybottom strings are the best one's ive found for playing both standard and drop C with the same guitar, anything below that gauge is to floppy in drop C by my standards atleast