Alright im going to the masses, I have about 800 bucks to drop on a guitar but would like a hardshell dropped in that mix. Sound wise midtone is nice but riffing of the likes of coheed and cambria (yes i know cliche) will be involved. Looking for something with good tone, but will still give me good leads. Im playing through a marshall VS 200 with a Beringer cab with the Jensens. Band sounds kinda punkish mix motion city soundtrack, coheed, deathcab and the mars volta are the closest mainstream thing i can compare it to. Im thinking about an ephiphone casino but not sure of the quality nor the power i need, or an epi les paul custom but once again the same issue. I like the midtone of hollowbodies but not sure if i can find one where the neck will be fast enough or the power will be enough
Please Advise.........
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well cheapest maverick F1 I can find is £389. Dont know ho much that is in dollars.

hmmm that would be about 800 dolalrs then, but heed need to save for the case.
pretty sure you can get an american telecaster and a hardshell case for under 800...
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