Uhm, I play guitar and I was wondering if there is any program that you can use to only get like the drum beat and bass or something for a song. Basically I wanna be able to play along and feel like I'm in a band and be able to practice when I'm not playing with my band. For example, I have seen on like youtube or something where people are playing a solo on guitar and there is the background music without any guitar or singing. Oh and ps, I need to be free. Any suggestions are appreciated ty.
Boss Dr Rhythem 2....drum machine with like over 200 beats and about a million different drum tones and bass lines also MIDI...then if u have any recording software and interface just use it like a regular instrument
ty for the quick responses, but I need something free, so the boss dr rythym thing won't help and I went to btguitar and all it had was many different types of guitars? Can you give me some direction where to go, i'm a little lost.
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