can someone plz tell me if its possible to lower the action of an acoustic ?? ive got this lousy korean guitar ....love win ....the strings are way too high ....any suggensions on what can be done ?
lighter strings first. Then, if you really think its nessisary and you're ready to deal with any repercussions... you can either sand down the saddle or take it to a store and look for one of the same size but shorter.
lighter strings? If that adjusts the action, its only because it would cause the neck to go out of alignment. If its truly to high, the saddle is your best bet. If you're not comfortable doing it, they can do it at a shop for less than $50.

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The lighter strings wont lower the action. They will make it easier to play. I should've clarified. The saddle is the white part of the bridge that the strings touch. Well, its usually white.
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what exactly is a saddle ?

i don't mean this to be rude in ANY way.... but that question makes me think you should probably just take it to a music shop and have them do a set up on it for you. they'll adjust the action so that it's as low as possible without buzzing, clean the fretboard, change the strings, and adjust the intonation. it'll run you anywhere from 40-80 bucks depending on the shop. somebody said 50 earlier and that's probably about the average.
1. remove all strings
a) loosen truss rod with the strings off so your neck doent bend and warp. www.projectguitar.com look for truss adjustment. (i wonder if there is a saddle adjustment there...?)
2. remove saddle (nut in the bridge, or white thing)
3. place sandpaper (500 grit about) on a FLAT HARD surface.
4. mark saddle with pencil so you know how low you want it.
5. rub BOTTOM of saddle EVENLY on sandpaper to lower it
6. put back in guitar, put strings on, tighten truss rod.
7. repeat until low enough.
8. go out and buy a new saddle that isnt cheap plastic and shape it like the old one an put it in your geetar.*

*if you have an intonated saddle (the top is slanted different directions) just keep that one.