collaboration, part 2 coming ON THE MORROW

sleep for miles across americana, raging at rusted carburetors, well don?t you know that the rust makes free all the dirt and the particles trapped underneath, we?re spending days stuck on body bag cruise control, spending nights at wilco gas stations, fueling up for the next cut of your life on the highway, truck stop bathrooms where a stall said I became a man here, what he really meant was I became a dad here, welcome to america

the quiet bustling sound of traveling people was more or less drowning. I ate kare for lunch and dinner, of course the occasional ramen or misan soup. Road food is good consisting mostly of chocolate covered almonds aquarius and real gold. I was just leaving the bathroom when a few american students walked in. one of them said I can?t believe how clean these are! another said Welcome to Japan

i?m standing in a forest living on the outskirts or portland oregon where the pine smell is real and not coming in cans of lysol and I realize the greenery isn?t really so different the trees making profit from chlorophyll then selling their bodies to other animals to spread their seed as far away as possible i am standing in a forest on the outskirts of portland where trees come often and emotion is palpable smelling the pine smell that?s just plants coughing digesting the muscles and flesh of other animals and i take these thoughts with me along with portland pine smell that?s fresh not imported.
So turn off the lights cause it's night on the Sun....

if anything i say comes acrosss as pretentious, tell me what an asshole i am.