On my Dean Edge-5, the B-string makes a weird bussing sound when i press down on the 8th fret and higher. I have no idea what is making the buzzing sound. I raised the action and it still does it so i'm out of ideas.
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You may just have a bow in the neck, so go and get a truss rod adjustment and that should help out a lot.
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There's a problem with the intonation of your bass guitar, or simply, you need to replace your strings.
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the buzzing is coming from above where i pressing on the string if that helps any. i forgot to say that the buzzing noise is coming from the neck.
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You know the hissing problem may well be your setting on your amp...

Also change your B-String? Or if you did was it a different brand/gauge to the other 4 strings???

one of the frets is too high compared to the rest so you will need it "stoned" down to make em level, bring to your local music shop to see what the can do
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