hi all
basically im in the market for a guitar similar in appearance to the classical jazz guitar (if you dont know what i mean, take a look a d'angelico acoustics)
i dont however have the 2 and a half grand to buy one,
can anyone point me in a cheaper direction?
Peavey JF-1... got one for about 360 CAN, plus 100 for the case
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Look on youtube.com- search "rediculously hard classical **** that no one in their right mind would try" and you'll find some 5 year old asian kids playing it
You will not get what you are looking for without spending 2k for it. Sorry. The thing is, to make a good d'angelico, or a good benedetto knock off, you use as much material as you would use for 4 regular acoustic guitars. So look at your average taylor or martin (1 or 2 grand) and think about the fact that the cost of making it is actually 4 times as much and then it seems like you are getting a pretty good deal.

I could make you one for a little over 1,000 GBP but that is still about $2,000. The long and short of it is that archtops cost a lot of money to make and the profit margin is very small. Therefor, even off brands cost thousands.
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If you are willing to give up on the idea of a true acoustic then there are a lot of very nice simi hollowbody and hollowbody electrics that sound great when plugged in and are not horrible when unplugged.
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