Greetings all, this is my first post, and I start off with a question.
I have my Vox AD30VT for about 9 months now, and it has been great, however, it seems to have a slight problem.
MY amp over the past few days has lost some of its nicer bottom tone, and some sustain to the notes, while My guitar itself (a 2005 Epi LP/ A Dano 59DC Reissue) has had no radical changes.
Worst off, when ever I have any overdrive/distortion on my amp, its hisses and hums. When I turn down the volume knob, with the master still running, I can still hear some, especially if I have a built in modulation effect on. when I plug it, it only gets worse. I have two cable, and both seem to have the same problems. Even My LP humbuckers dont help. I am wondering if the 12ax7 Tube needs replacement, or if My guitar or amp might have a jack problem, but seems unlikely.
Thanks for any and all help.

p.s.-Just as aside note, how would it sound if I were to use a Line 6 pod though my amp? For example, I might use a Mesa Boogie MK.IIC model on the line 6, and a 80's Marshall in my Vox, and a Soldano SLO-100 though my AC30 on clean model.
Probably the tube.
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It may just be in your head. Many times your ear for tone may change and you don't like what you had it set at before. If it is definetly the amp, talk to Vox about it. They will probably replace it.

I wouldn't use a the POD with the Valvetronix. You are just putting a modeler into another modeler which won't sound great. You are best off just using the amp itself.
DOnt use the POD at all. Theyre horrible. And yeah my Vox AD does that too, I dont particularily like the amp, its just the amp.
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