there stands a man
on the television screen
reading lines from a speech
he spreads the words
of ultimate terror
the only answer is an unequal error

Smokey skys and blacker souls
they tell us what they want us to know
one more lie, causes a million more dead
but somehow they managed to have us mislead

A row of tanks
a handful of bombs
destroying their church as an old preacher sobs
kill the children
murder the old
and rape our minds with the story u told



Doomsday is here
The fire burns bright
the melting of flesh straight into the night
oil we seek
in this fountain of lust
"kill them all man, make them forget who they trust"

When its all over
oh wait it cant end
we started a war on an unholy land
rid all the terror
we will slay the dark beast
and make sure he never comes back in the least