hey everybody

im into scales and soloing , i play mostly metallcia stuff
i dont have much background about scales , but i think that the most common scale
is the minor Pentatonic.

so anybody can help me if i can find the notes of that scale on the whole frets
i searched but i didnt get it , i mean there are sumthing called boxes and forms of minor pentatonic and other stuff that i couldnt understand .

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I havent heard hammett use the dorian, can you name a song where he does
(hence if he is just playing a dissonance note occasionally.)
Blues scale too. (Just the minor pentatonic with the b5 added in, in case you didn't know, mr threadstarter.)
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"Boxes" are the continuing shapes of the scale going up the neck. For example: the first pentatonic shape has 2 notes per string. After you play that, start on the second note of each string and try to fill in the gaps while ascending.

I'm not good with names, but on "Blackened" the main basis for the solo is built off the Minor Scale (Lydian?) with a sharp 7th note. I mess up alot without a guitar infront of me. But yeah, take your basic Minor Scale and sharpen the 2nd last note and you get a cool arabian thing crankin.