My uncle is selling his Epi Les Paul black beauty for $400 ( I can find it new for $700). It needs a new Selector Pot and i'd like to replace the pickups with EMGs if i buy it. I've never Seen a 3-way EMG set before, should i just buy another 85 or 81 for the middle position? Also, does anyone know how much it costs to repair the pot? I'm willing to put a decent amount of cash into it because it comes with a hardshell case and its also the first guitar i ever played.
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get the Zakk Wylde set (ZWEMG81 and an 85) then buy a normal 81 for the middle

so you have an HHH set going brightest, bright, warm

good mix
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Selector pot? You mean a selector switch?
I don't have any experience with EMG's, but on the EMG website you get a whole new set of controls if you get a Zakk Wylde set. So I guess you will be able to replace it with what you get out of a box.
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theres no pot, its a rotary selector switch, it gives you a buttload of pickup options, they arent really expencive, maby like 10-15 bucks at the most..
use a

emg 60:neck

Emg 81:bridge or neck

Emg 85:bridge or neck
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