yo check it i was in the local music store yesterday and i saw these "Krank" amps and man they were extremely expensive. so i was wondering are they any good or just have a wierd name
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Over priced, sounds like a solid state...for the price you could nearly get 2 mesa duel rectofiers...like thats so sad i think..
krank = krap
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Over priced, sounds like a solid state...for the price you could nearly get 2 mesa duel rectofiers...like thats so sad i think..

a dual is actually 100$ more than the krank
For $400 they would be half decent.
For $2000, they're awful.
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a dual is actually 100$ more than the krank

well, yes and no. see I once saw a krank for $4000 and a mese for $1870...we are both right, krank sups..
Jeez, kids, how many of you Krank = 300 dollar dudes have played one? Into the Moat has one that he doesn't like because he probably has a Krankenstein. The Krankenstein is a HIGH GAIN, HIGH TREBLE amp. Into the Moat plays melodic death metal and likes DARK (5150-esque) tones. Different strokes. They're a killer distorted amp (Worth whatever the cost is? Not if it's over 1400... but a good/decent amp? Yes). I gotta say their cleans coupled with the high gain the clean sound is not my favorite.

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good one mate.......

I work in a studio (Im only 16, but I plan on studyin this stuff in collage) I have played kranks first hand, spent hours with it, couldnt get a decent tone. This band that were recording used the same settings as me, but they compressed the tracks etc. and it sounded pretty kick ass..But my point is what you hear on cd etc isnt always what you get.
from what i hear the rev 1 is pretty killer. i disliked the krankenstien when i played it though. they're not bad.
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I played the krankenstein...
and it brought back fine memories....
of my first amplifier,
a squier champ 15.
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yo check it


And people don't tend to like Kranks much, you should have tried it and formed your own opinion of it though.
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What would Krank Inc be like today if............ just if........ Dimebag never touched any of their merchandise ??
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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Never tried one.
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ive tried a few the only i ever liked was one made for josh rand of stone sour, i almost bought it but opted for the triple recto 3 channel as opposed to 2, but i guess josh dropped krank
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this guy sounds like ali g, dont try to immitate a legend..as for the amp, its decent, over priced though..
Seen James Hetfield using em in the studio for the sessions for the new album. Ive heard good and bad stuff. In the UK a dual rec is £1800 but the Krank is only £1100