When doing pull-offs how hard do you actually pull-off. Are you just pulling it off slightly downwards so it makes a slight noise or do you have to try and pull it hard, like you're fully trying to pluck the string? I screw up sometimes the second way, I don't want to pull a string off by mistake. Which way?
You simply pull off. Theres really no great technique. You pluck the note and then you take your finger off of it. Listen 2 the song for timing, thats about all i can really say.
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When you think of a pull-off don't think of 'pulling off the string' with an upward motion. That's wrong.

Think about pulling your finger off and down into the fretboard - instead of pulling off into the air, pull off with a downward motion into wood just below the string... if you can see that, it's hard to explain without a visual representation.
You don't just simply lift your finger off the string. You actually throw the string towards the floor... slightly.
dont use too much force.. just enough.. remember to relax your fingers, just pull the string off just enough to create the sufficient vibrations needed to sound the base note the way you want it to. Yngwie sometimes pulls off on his classical solos really hard because he lets in ring. but i guess hard is not the word. its sufficient. so remember, just enough to create the sufficient vibrations to sound the base note
yeah, listen to johnljones.

You kinda 'pluck' the string with the pulling finger

by "kinda" I mean, you do, but not excessively hard.

It comes with a little bit of practice
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