I'm on a quest to find a Marshall-flavoured overdrive/distortion box that I can run onto the clean/slighty breaking up clean channel of my Fender hot rod deluxe.

The kinda sounds I'm after are the sounds of the following bands - Accept, Van Halen, GnR, Motley Crue, Dio etc, that classic Marshall old school hard rock/metal tone.

Someone on another forum recommended a modded Dist + (caps and diodes changing) for a Marshall kinda flavour, does anyone else agree with this? Maybe some clips would help me decide The one on the Dunlop/MXR site actually sounds pretty good, could do with some thickening up though.

If not, is there anything else that can get this kinda tone which I could perhaps mod, maybe a DS1 or something?

Cheers for any help
easiest way to get that sound is to change your stock speaker(s) for celestions. Thats half of the way to get a marshall tone.

The other half is to have a tube amp that has the el tubes. your amp has 6l6's
The DS-1 and D+ are basically the same.

I'd mod a DS-1 because there are more mods available.

There are also some very Marshalley from scratch builds available.
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Had a Guvnor plus and didnt really like the tone that much. After a while it started to sound very fake to my ears.

So, That Pink Queen, do you reckon that a modded DS1 can sound kinda like the tones I'm after?

Also what are the Marshall-like build your own type pedals? The only one I've seen is the Thundercheif which does sound pretty good from the clips I've heard but may be too hard for a first time builder?

edit - foudn this thread about the ds-1, the clip sounds awesome http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=32443.0

vampwizzard, I know I wont get the perfect Marshall sound from my amp as the whole thing is a completely different thing, but I'd like to think theres a pedal out there which can add some of that british sound to it.
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yeah.. i think the speaker has a lot to do with it. The blues jr and blues deluxe sound very similar to me, and they have the same type of speakers, but different tube arrangements. I just bought an eminence private jack (celestion vintage 30 clone) and it gives me that frusicante sound i was going for.

As far as marshall in a pedal, modded ds-1 is the way to go.