I have been playing my guitar (acoustic obviously) and I haven't been playing chords. I am in a time where I am trying to become more familiar with the fretboard and can do semi-decent sounding improv solos, nothings fancy, but pretty.

Anyway, initially I have been shying away from using my pinky finger because it doens't havea smooth motion when I used it, I don't know what the hell was going on with it. Either way, I took my time and got that bad boy in there, but now my finger feels numb, ALL the time, not just when I play.

This has been going on for like a few days now. Has this happened to anyone here at UG? Let me know and what you did etc.

Talk to ya.
Well think of its like this

1) you need to get into the habbit of using it just as even as your other three fingers

2) the four fingers you use builds up25% of ur playing, if u dont use ur pinky, thats a quater of thw work taken off and added to the other three fingers.
I have had that happen to me before. I think I was trying so hard to keep my pinky in a spot it didn't want to be in, that it got numb from being in that kind of position for so long. But I could be wrong.
Or you couldve screwed up a nerve. Happened to someone I know when they were biking and hit a pothole, their pinky was numb and had some atrophy in the area.

But I doubt its that, was just ****ing with you.
Hm...Have a doc look at it could be something really bad...Most likly its not but still dont take a chance
I would lay off the guitar for a few days (i know, torment), and then if it doesn't get better I'd see a doctor.
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