it would be my second guitar,

ive always wanted a doubleneck

but not an epi, ive heard they are bad quality

n ive always wanted a Gibson Les Paul

n its the same price

any thoughts?
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Well, your guitar now is the Fender Starcaster, which isn't that good. So a good normal guitar is necessary.

However, doublenecks are cool and they have their certain something about them.

The Epi G-1275 Custom is the one I've played, and it is GREAT! That + The Epi Explorer series are the ones I find to be the most consistently great quality Epi's there are.

Now, the G-1275/LP Vintage Mahog are about 750, so I assume that's your budget? In which case, I'd say go with an Agile AL2500 and the Valkyire Doubleneck.

http://www.rondomusic.net/al2500tribalgreen.html (also there's http://www.rondomusic.net/al2500tribalblue.html)


I have both, and overall the Gibson is better. I threw in a Duncan JB in the bridge and a Pearly Gates in the neck however. But I've played mine up against an LP standard, and it honestly sounded better, and had pretty much the same playability.

The doubleneck has a pretty mellow sound to it, and it sounds real nice for some blues stuff and lower gain rock. However, if you want to play lead on it, you might have some trouble since the body really limits the high fret access.
Epi's are made in Korea too.

Well mine is anyway, might be China now?

Who knows..Who Knows..
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Epi's are made in Korea too.

Well mine is anyway, might be China now?

Who knows..Who Knows..

yah, apparently they moved the epi factorys to china. but the elitists still arent.
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