i was wondering if a VHT d60 (half or full stack) would be loud enough for a gig in a school auditorium thats pretty big, and by loud enough i mean fill the whole place pretty damn good with a nice sound
**** em, mic up your amp too, or put the amp past 5 and that should be plenty loud.
i would love to just say fu im micing my amp, but my school is to ghetto even put an amp in a PA, and theres only one mic that goes to the stage
i ****ing hate you if you are going to get a deliverance halfstack...

i'll trade ya my 5150 and $3.50!

and a 60 watt halfstack cranked is ear shatteringly loud... so yea, it might not sound GREAT in the back, but they'll hear it (sound dispersion, yada yada)
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yeah you cant do much about sound dispersion, and yes im looking to buy one soon (no promiss though) and no i would not trade it once i buy it