does anyone have any experiance with these? if so what was it like? because im thinking about buying one and just need to know if it worth buying.
Well they are pretty much one of the best SS amps out there. It's VERY bright, like, ENGL bright.
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have you ever played one before and does it have any hiss? hows the distortion compared to other "metal" amps?
i owned one for about a week . its a great amp , dont get me wrong . but in my band we had another guitarist and our tones just didnt go together at all . so i sold it and got a carvin v3 (great amp) . but if your by yourself the warhead is awesome . but its not made to go with other amps , IN MY OPINION . its tone is very very distinct , and great . but also , i got tired of s.s. amps and i finally just got a tube amp .
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lol..I was waiting for that. You have to hand it to Dime (RIP) and Zack Wylde. They could brand their name on a pile of S*** and it would sell. There would be threads here about it.
i like pantera but its not my favorite band im lookin for an amp that is reasonably priced and is better than what i got which is a line6 spider II 112 which is the worst piece of crap i know.im sure the warhead blows this away because nothings worse than a spider.