There is no real genre that I could think of to put Gang of Four in so i figured this would do.

Entertainment! is one of the greatest albums of all time IMO. If you havnt bought it, buy it!

Discuss the awesomeness of Gang of Four

and can someone please find me guitar tabs for some of their songs other than I Found That Essence Rare?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!!?!!!
This should probably either be in punk and ska, or Alt/Indie but......

I was holding out on buying Entertainment for the longest time because it was $20, but I found it used for like $9 at some obscure shop in some obscure location.

I love it.
I made a thread about them in the Alt. & Indie section a while ago. They're not bad.

You should try to tab out some songs by ear. It'll make you better. Ether is a good place to start. It's mostly just powerchords.
I cant stand this band myself (i think all their song sound the same) but my dad has their Entertainment album and he likes it.
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Not my favourite band it has to be said, but they did influence many people in general, so they get my respect, just not the pleasure of having me as a regular listener
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