Sorry about all this. I was looking at an Alvarez for a friend. She's just beginning, so her budget is at under 300$. The best I could find specs wise was:

Solid spruce top, mahogany sides and back, etc.

Was wondering if anyone has played this, and what the sound was like, whether it was more warm or bright, or if theres a better alternative for an acoustic (not acoustic/electric) at that price range.
it seems good but u never know wat itll sound like if she buys of the internet tell her too look for one at a music store

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Yeah, our local Guitar Center doesn't have the particular model, going to look into that. Was just wondering if any of yall have played it.
Instead, we were thinking about going up to a Blueridge, because they seem to be nice. If I could get an opinion, we're stuck between two:




The BR-60 features brazilian rosewood, which I found really impressive. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
Alvarez tend to have a brite tone which I personally love. I owned several of them but would stay away from the very low end models. Once you get to the $300. range you're ok.
I have no eperience w/Blueridge guitars. But have read that they employ the old pre-40's Martin inner bracing style that sounds great but tends to weaken significantly over the years leading to a need of neck re-set.
Have you considered the Washburn in your range?
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