I bought an mXr Microamp pedal and it works great for boosting my clean tones without having to adjust my master volume. The thing is, it doesn't seem to have any effect when my amp is set to distortion.

I have a Gibson SG Special guitar and a Line 6 Spider II amp. The distortion I use comes from the amp, not another pedal (if that matters). I'm just wondering why it seems the Microamp doesn't boost my distortion, but it works fine on the clean settings.

I'm somewhat guitar illiterate, so putting your answer in the simplest terms would be the best! :-p

(In layman's terms)
The amp you're using isn't a true amp, its mostly digital and it wants to create a certain sound.
It's probably because the Micro Amp won't be as compatible on a digital SS amp, they're made for valve amps, or something to that meaning.

But if you like it for boosting cleans, keep it.

Have you turned the boost up on the micro amp when on distortion?
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