I heard their new song, "Not Tonight" on the radio the other day. I was confused, because it sounded just like the Cars but I'd never heard it before, so I was really surprised to learn that it was by the New Cars!

It's basically the guitarist and keyboardist of the Cars, Todd Rundgren on lead vocals (Ric politley declined, wishing them luck), plus a bass player and drummer that Todd knew. Their new album is basically most of The Cars's hits being played live by the New Cars along with three new singles.

I'm really surprised how good Todd's voice is for being as old as he is! He sort of gives the song's his own touch to them despite being faithfull to the Cars' sound. Todd must have taken REALLY good care of his voice, because at present he sounds alot better than Ric (today)

Anyway, this was a pleasant surprise to me. I know some fans are going to be dissapointed that Ric's not singing, but hey, he's basically given up on The Cars. Todd is an amazing singer and musician (can play guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, keyboards/piano, etc.) and he really fits in with the New Cars quite nicely. If they tour again I'm definatley going to go see them!
yeah i heard about them and listened to some of their stuff.
I like the old cars more but considering ric can't sing anymore they're really not at all bad.

Didn't they just go on tour like last year?