well, i got cakewalk pro audio 9, it's awesome, but, it saves everything in .wrk, so i can't convert it to mp3, wah or m4a, so, is there a good program that i can download from internet to record?
okay um idk what then. i used a mac for my recording just for guitar and piano. and the program was called Garage Band. but there is a Program for PC that you can use but i do not know what it is. i know studios use a PC to record songs but i do not know what program. i hope you find ur program.
Garage Band for Mac is FTW, I dunno about PC
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well before you get software, make sure you have the right hardware. If your gonna take recording seriously than you need

-a good interface, id recomend a firewire or a toneport ux2 if you have a crappy amp. I use the toneport because it has effects built into it.
-If you get a USB type interface youll need a powered USB hub, ill recomend a Belkin, its like 30 bucks at best buy, i forgot the model though. The hub will make your recording speed as fast as firewire (maybe even faster?) and itll save you some money
-mics, for electric micing ill recomend a shure sm57 and for acoustical micing (and sometimes even vocals) a mxl 900/901 recording mic package
-a GREAT set of speakers. If your new to recording then your probably just gonna wanna start off with a set of stereo speakers, and although i dont recomend it, maybe even just a good set of computer speakers
-you definently DO NOT want to use your "home" computer for recording. Trust me, ive had my experiances, its bet to get an old computer or purchase a cheaper one and use it strictly for recording, i wouldnt recomend laptops either

hopefully your new to recording (im assuming you are) and i didnt just waist my time

EDIT: and i almost forgot CUBASE is a great recording software, its fantastic
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damn, one of my friends uses cool edit (i think that's the name off the program) but i don't know where to download that
it's not serious recording, i mean, i can record with my mic and that program, i don't need anything else, it's just to mess around with it and have fun, that's all
what about audacity, that programs the shiz
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yea, try audacity, thats the only program i ever use, partly cause i don't wanna pay lots of money for an overpriced recording program. but try audacity, then to convert to mp3, download lame mp3 encoder.

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