Just got done with Man Made God by In Flames. it took me a while to get all three tracks sounding good together. some of the bends arent quite in tune but oh well. i know a lot of people will probably say something about tone, and not liking it, but good tone is a matter of opinion so i dont really care. i dont have my acoustic either, so those parts are i just used my electric. let me know what you think

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DUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!! I love that song.....not many people know about it........i just started learning it. the acoustic part is so sweet, sounds awsome
Its inflames at their best! but ya your tone feels a bit dead for this song too mid heavy but its suits the lead...over-all playing is pretty good, its not an easy song! I bet it took a long time to get the harmonies together! but any attempt at a inflames song that's pulled off well deserves a 8 or 9..

kick ass job mate!
man made god is one of my fav in flames songs, n also the first one i learnt on guitar. nice job dude
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