I've just go a couple of questions

1) At what skill level should I considering joing/starting a band? (mostly covers)

2) This one isn't how long to practice but HOW to practice. I mean what should I practice to make the most of my practice time?
is there any spacific way to practice???
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1. Once you can comfortable improvise and are able to master solos and rythyms and get them right always, meaning consistency.
2. It depends on what type of music you are playing.
1) The very least does not really depend on just how good you are,but your other band members too,but the basic things you need with your band is first,harmonizing,timing and of course,a steel Bonded Friendship to keep your band alive

2) Mostly depends,if,you have a teacher to follow,continue with the exercises/songs/practices that your teacher is giving you,If you are self learning,go search for your favourite songs to play and learn them,it will slowly improve youre technique and playability,but if I could make a recommendation on what to play,classical music appear slightly harder than popular songs,if you are wanting to take your Guitar playing to a higher level,I suggest you play those...(Though I hate classical >_>
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i'd get in a band as soon as you can, if the relationships are just right, everything will turn out great... take U2 for example, they got together before anyone could really play, the only who could really play was Larry Mullins (drummer), The Edge had just got his first guitar at the time, Adam Clayton was also pretty good at the instrument. and Bono, jees.. the guy failed his first audition with the band, went back home to practise singing, came back the next week, got it the band, and look at them now!..

as for you as the lead guitarist, i say go ahead, theres no time better than where you are right now. being in the right band would help you get a feel for the kind of music you would be playin in the future. it will teach you wat kinda solos, riffs, licks, u need to use in your band. dont worry about the skill levels, you will grow together n get better as a band.