he is up picking all of the notes ecept the 4th notes which he is down picking, theres a pretty warm delay sound there too. and the whole thing is muted
set your delay to triplets on yer tap tempo .. and set the tempo at the tempo he is playing.. mute the strings and hit the notes between the delayed notes.. its hard to explain.. but thats the best explanato i can do..
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I don't think I can set my delay to triplets...I don't even know what that is; you mean echo three times ?

Roland Cube 30 lol.
Yeah I can see that as I can barely hear the delay.
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its a little more complicated than echoing 3 times.. have an aim sn?
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i think the basic technique requires a somewhat long delay. Lets say your delay is 1/2 a second. So you pick a note and hear it, then 1/2 second later you hear the "echo" of that same note, and possibly another echo 1/2 second after that (1 full second after the original note). The trick is to time each picked note with when an echo occurs. In this case, you'd pick every 1/2 second.

I think he's up-picking because that usually gives a sharper attack, which is what the delay device picks up on. it works better with the volume turned down but picking hard, rather than lots of volume but soft picking.

what song is that he's playing?
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put your palm juuuuust right above the strings like as close as you can get and it really gates the noise w/o totally palm muting
Lunatics on pogo sticks
Another southern fried freak on a crucifix
Hicks don't mix with politics
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I don't use aim and the song is called Big Sur Moon.

It's going to be my second project to, at least try to half decently master it.

BTW some dude on comments on youtube said he was actually playing this song backwards !!!!