This is my latest piece inspired by entering college/girls/other buddy's playing/music... I recorded it in stereo, but mixed it in mono, cause different guitar parts were supposed to be panned left/right, giving it a nice and full sound to it. Also, I monitored with headphones, and when I played it back with speakers, it didn't sound the same...especially the bass parts. There are three main parts, and the transitions into each are poor, cause of different metronome timings throughtout (I still need to get a full grasp of Cubase.) Anyway

Let me know what you think...
It's the one called "Colegio Faction"

Thanks for checking it out.
College. ... ? . !!
There's no need to talk when we have medicine.
Very nice, I really enjoyed that.
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Thanks. Is the bass too much in the first part? Because I have a subwoofer and it booms quite a bit in that part.

Maybe I could take it out completeley
College. ... ? . !!
There's no need to talk when we have medicine.
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