ok, so i'm in the key of D, which has two sharps. but how do i find the key of C#? as that is the seventh degree of D. I want to know because I was trying to find the formula for the C# dim. it's supposed to be, but i dk how to find the key of C#. i can only find them, well, i can use steps, but i dont' want to, it's a bit annoying, i'd rather use the co5's if i can, so can someone tell me? k, thanks. :]
C# has the notes C# D# E# F# G# A# B#. To find a sharpened or flattened key, like C# major, just take the notes in C and sharpen each one.

And C# diminished...you can just move foward by thirds in the D major scale if you don't want to use the chord formula

D E F# G A B C# D E F# G A B C#
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k thanks alot man, so if i have a sharpened key, i just sharpen all the notes?
if youre playing it on guitar, the lay man's way of doing it would be to shift your fingers down all a half step from where u were playing in the key of D (or just half step down the guitar's tuning and play everything on the original fret positions)

otherwise, yes C# involves sharps on all the scale degrees (notes)

if u want to look this up further, i'd recommend www.all-guitar-chords.com because it'll lay out the whole fretboard with every scale degree of C#

ooh and about the diminished scale...well what are you exactly working on? are u writing your own piece? do u think it deserves the diminished scale? is it fully diminished? (in which case, are u shredding or something?)
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thanks, i understand now, and as to the c# dim., i was just trying to find the chord that goes in the key of D, since the last degree is always a dim. chord in major keys. i wasn't using a scale, i was just trying to find the notes for the formula 1 3b 5b that i was supposed to use, but since i didn't know how to find the scale for C#, i couldn't get the notes, so now that i know how to and do, i know the notes i need for a C# diminished. :]]] but thanks alot man, and i was working on a piece, of my own. first one ever, i'm pretty proud of it. :]]]]]]] lol but yeah, took me a bit, few days. hopefully i'll get better at writing and it'll get easier.